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our story began, as all great romances do, at an insurance conference. the date was sept. 16, 2008. the night before, american international group had just received an $85 billion bailout from the federal reserve. ray, a financial journalist who covers the insurance markets, had his hands full with that story, but also had to travel to hilton head, s.c. for a conference co-hosted by insurance commissioner scott richardson and the competitive enterprise institute. little did he know that among the newest employees at what arin would call 'the kooky libertarian think tank' was his future wife, who had taken a gig there writing papers on immigration, gambling and, yes, insurance.


arin and ray both were serving as moderators of discussion panels at the conference. arin liked ray's glasses. ray liked arin's legs. we took a very long walk on the beach, discussing subsidized reinsurance and whether the global financial system would collapse by the time we got back to d.c., all while pretending to ignore another couple having sex in the sand.

we kept in touch, although it took five months, and some heavy-duty wooing on ray's part, before we decided we'd found a love match. the rest, as they say, is history.

Derrick and Murray

today, we have a wonderful life together in lovely old town alexandria, va., where we live above a dog and cat bakery (they bake things *for* dogs and cats; they don't bake dogs and cats. it's an important distinction) we've become a part of each other's families, and have formed a little family of our own, with our cat derrick coleman and our dog murray rothbark. and though neither of us is much given to sentimentality, we still felt the best way to cap all that we've been through these past three years is by making it all official-like, sharing our love with everyone we care about in a public (if unconventional) wedding ceremony.

so, if you have any questions whatsoever that we don't answer here, please don't hesitate to drop us a line. ray can be reached at, while arin is at (murray and derrick can generally be reached by tossing a toy toward the door and waiting for them to go chasing after it.)








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